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Service: Commercial property refurbishments
Sector: Retail

Royal Mail

Royal Mail, a prominent postal services company, was preparing to sell a commercial office site that suffered from damp issues resulting from an ongoing roof problem. In order to expedite the sale, it was imperative to resolve the roof issue and refurbish the office space promptly. Midlands Maintenance was engaged to rectify the roofing problem and carry out a comprehensive office refurbishment to enhance the property’s appeal and value.

Service: Commercial carparks and drainage
Sector: Car showrooms

Renault Trucks

Renault Trucks, a leading commercial vehicle manufacturer, faced a critical issue at their site where the driveways and drainage systems had experienced sinking due to the substantial weight of lorries passing through the area. This sinking not only posed safety risks but also hindered smooth operations. Renault Trucks sought a solution to reinforce the driveways and repair sunken drainage across their site.

Service: 24 hour callout, Reactive maintenance
Sector: Education, Nursery / preschool

Stepping Stones Day Nursery

Stepping Stones Day Nursery, located in Nottingham recognized the need to improve energy efficiency and provide a more comfortable environment for children and staff. The existing single glazed windows were outdated and inefficient, allowing significant heat loss and contributing to increased energy costs. To address these concerns, the nursery sought to replace the single glazed windows with double glazed windows. The project’s challenge was to complete the window replacement within a single night to ensure the nursery could resume normal operations the following day. This meant removing the old metal frame windows, replacing with smaller double-glazed panels, and then boarding out the space left by the now smaller windows, insulating, replastering, and redecorating, all within a 12 hour window.

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