Stepping Stones Day Nursery

Replacement of Single Glazed Windows with Double Glazed Windows

Stepping Stones Day Nursery, located in Nottingham recognized the need to improve energy efficiency and provide a more comfortable environment for children and staff. The existing single glazed windows were outdated and inefficient, allowing significant heat loss and contributing to increased energy costs. To address these concerns, the nursery sought to replace the single glazed windows with double glazed windows. The project’s challenge was to complete the window replacement within a single night to ensure the nursery could resume normal operations the following day. This meant removing the old metal frame windows, replacing with smaller double-glazed panels, and then boarding out the space left by the now smaller windows, insulating, replastering, and redecorating, all within a 12 hour window.

Stepping Stones Day Nursery


Preparation and Planning:

Before the project, a thorough site assessment was conducted to ensure a detailed understanding of the scope of work. A project plan was developed, outlining the tasks and sequences necessary for a one-night completion.

Material Procurement and Window Customization:

Double glazed windows were sourced and customized to fit the nursery’s specific window sizes and requirements. This ensured a seamless installation process.

Nighttime Installation:

On the designated night, a team of experienced technicians arrived equipped with the necessary tools and materials. The single glazed windows were carefully removed, the sections above where the new windows werand the double glazed windows were installed efficiently and precisely.

Quality Assurance:

After installation, a thorough inspection was conducted to ensure the windows were securely in place and properly sealed, meeting the desired energy efficiency standards.


The project was successfully completed in a single night, allowing Stepping Stones Day Nursery to open for business as usual the following morning. The new double glazed windows significantly improved energy efficiency by reducing heat loss and enhancing insulation. This upgrade provided a more comfortable and pleasant environment for the children and staff, positively impacting the nursery’s operational costs and sustainability efforts.

The smooth execution of this project showcased the expertise and efficiency of Midlands Maintenance ensuring minimal disruption to the nursery’s daily activities during the upgrade process.

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